KJ arrived in Guangzhou, China on December 21st at the Emerald Lakes Country Club. This is the location where his foundation junior golfers are diligently training during their winter break. Despite his 2 days of traveling from Dallas to China, the first thing KJ did upon his arrival was to step into the bunkers and show his students how it was done.

"Listen to the sound" he said as he hit his bunker shots. Mesmerized by the solidity of the sound of KJ's impact, there was not a better way to learn from KJ than to simply watch. Since carefully watching KJ's bunker shots, the KJ Choi foundation dream golfers have improved their golf game drastically. The lowest score during their first two rounds was 6 over par through 18 holes, but only after 3 days of training with KJ, the new lowest score has dropped to a 1 over par through 18.

KJ and the KJ Choi foundation dream golfers' practice starts at 8:00 am from which they practice in the bunkers until noon. After eating a hearty lunch, they go back into the bunkers for another 2 hours and then move on to the "clay shot". Overall their practice day lasts for a little less than 10 hours. After a long day of practice, the dream golfers are free to relax until 8:30 pm, which is when they debrief about their practice day with KJ. KJ goes over the ups and downs of the day and the points that need improvement.

All in all this winter training has been an incredible success, and the KJ Choi Foundation can not give enough thanks to the Emerald Lakes Country Club in Guangzhou, China for giving them 100% support in all they do.

KJ is preparing for a great start at the Sony Open in Hawaii, so until then, please have a Happy New Year!

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